"Let's Get Going is a non-profit mentor and experience program. We aspire to promote the health and well being of adults from the age of 18 years old with an intellectual or physical challenge.

Physical inactivity amongst our participants is a major problem. One of our goals is to provide a fitness program that will be fun, safe and enhance social relationships; as well as establishing a pattern of physical activity to promote wellness throughout adult life.

Let's Get Going has a strong emphasis on mentoring which will provide informal experiences for building skills and developing a positive interpretation of personal self; through the input and/or assistance of an experienced coach or peer.
We train every Thursday art 1pm at CSP GYM - Harris Street Five Dock".

Vicki Liubinskas - Passionate Founder & Co-ordinator


Vicki Liubinskas

Todd Liubinskas
Head Coach

Mike & Helena Bailey




Over the phone or online.

We train every Thursday at CSP GYM - Harris Street Five Dock

ACN 618 761 550

ABN 74618 761 550

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